CloudGraphs: Part 2 – The CloudGraphs Architecture

The first of the CloudGraphs series introduced the problem statement: Let’s represent this nifty localization data in a cloudy graph database so that it can be distributed across a cloud system. This article follows up with the preliminary architecture, attempting to answer the ‘how’ and ‘why’. Why each technology in the first post’s stack? Well, let’s start with the informal ‘back-of-napkin’ architecture diagram below.

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Clouds and Giggles: Introduction to the CloudGraphs Project

In the interest of a bit of learning and initiating some public projects on SemiSorted, we’re taking on a cloud-based project! Dehann Fourie in the MIT CSAIL lab is working on a really impressive open-source pose estimation framework, and the idea is to learn cloud technologies by growing it into a distributed cloud solution. This whole project is a learning curve in Neo4j, MongoDB, CloudFoundry, and JuliaLang, and the articles will be written in the same way the project was executed: with haphazard enthusiasm and a bit (~lot) of hackery.

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A Quick Peek into Njord!

As I was writing the Maranifesto article, I took a quick look at the history of Semisorted blog posts. There’s a huge gap, from about April/May through to now. I feel bad about that, but there has been something  that we’re been working on that hasn’t been ready to discuss. Technically, it still isn’t, we’re still playing (the most productive state of being in my opinion)… And as soon as you start talking about it externally, for some unbeknownst reason that stops. So, a quick article to explain where I vanished… and then to probably vanish again for a bit.

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