Seori – My learnings on mentoring


Between you and I, I always feel like the youngest in a group. It may be younger brother syndrome, or from the fact that I don’t want to be an expert because it means I will soon start plateauing. My older brother said something memorable when we were teenagers: if you want to be a good pool player, find the meanest guy in the pool hall and challenge him until you win. Generally, it seems, I naturally gravitate toward being the noob challenger rather than the expert.

Either way, for 2015, I was tasked with doing a bit of mentoring/coaching. *Clap/rub hands* Right, so, where to start?

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Datascience Pirates, can I get an aRRR? There be a new course for yar….

A quick FYI on an interesting Coursera course in case it might pique anyone’s interest. John Hopkins is offering an Introduction to R course – the link is here, it’s free, and it starts tomorrow (5 Jan 2015, but it repeats every month as well).

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