Introducing ARNerve – Menu System, a Bot, and User Testing!

While working on ARNerve last week a few friends stopped by to have a look, so we recorded some of their feedback as they tried the slightly duct-taped, straight-out-of-the-oven framework. Thanks guys for giving it a kick! We thought we would put the current progress into a a quick demo movie that demonstrates the NUI menu system (kudos to Daniel building it out!), performance of the user tracking, and the user testing:

…More to follow once we sort out bot localization, when that is working we’ll try whittle this project down into a set of tutorials.

– Sam




Welcome to Semi-Sorted!

Hey there,

I finally found a few minutes to figure out what this ‘blogging’ stuff is about… And 5 minutes later (I’m one of those people who has an ‘impulse shopping’ problem) I had set up the site ‘SemiSorted’ on WordPress (you are here -> X)!

This is set up to share all the half-started (half-finished? … half-baked?) projects, ideas, and inspirations. Glad you found the site, please feel free to drop any comments, questions, or ideas!

So, more to follow tomorrow!

Really, promise!


Okay, maybe by Saturday (being realistic)