RIP Oliver Sacks

While wandering through the Naperville Barnes & Noble one Saturday night, I found ‘The Mind’s Eye’ ensconced in a pile of self-help books.

At the time, I knew nothing of Oliver Sacks or his material, but over the last month I’ve had a crash-course in psychology, cultural history, cycling, and life in general from Michelle (a beautiful 1%er whose mind is overflowing with material more than her room is with books). She has a voracious taste for this type of material, and considering that I was listlessly slogging around waiting for her to get home that night, I picked it up. The title bounded around in my head and lit up some evasive memories that, although not clear, promised it to be an interesting read.

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Little Orc Wars: Developer Update – Polish!

Brendan and I are working on a few of the polish items in LOW and wanted to show a few of the neat enhancements we’ve brought to the game! Here’s a quick developer update (original Skirmisher article):

– Sam

Little Orc Wars: It’s on Android phones!

A quick update – Little Orc Wars is running pretty decently on my Galaxy S3 Mini, and, well, if it can work on that, it can work anywhere!

Couple of small touch/movement fixes – and a bit of a brutal CPU-hogging hack – and then on to the iPhones 🙂

– Sam