New Arrival! Eye-tracking…

I’m not a huge fan of doing hardware (p)reviews without some code and possibly an application, but couldn’t help posting this. It’s called an EyeTriberead more here – and it’s a pretty amazing piece of technology. Eye tracking is huge, and this Danish company seem to have it down…


“…Eye tracking? Why?”

Not to nerd out, but remember Predator’s shoulder cannon? *Insert Predator clicky sound here* That’s a perfect application for eye tracking. There are a herd of mindblowing things that can be done when you have head position, but knowing where the person is looking is literally leaps and bounds beyond that.

Anyway, I’m currently working on an article showing how to integrate the EyeTribe into Unity 5.x for a fun control architecture, and possibly into LCM for AR Nerve, but that’s about a week or three away. As usual, more to follow soon!

– Sam


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