Mid-Sprint Update (June-August)

It’s the strangest thing, I never bothered sharing code in the past. Wrote it, tested it, mission accomplished… Put in the archive to harvest dust bunnies. Never crossed my mind that someone else may want it – pleasure was just in solving the problem itself. Well, since starting SemiSorted, I’ve realized it’s fun to release the codebase, discuss it a bit, and get some feedback. Maybe some of it takes up some traction, maybe it doesn’t (either way is a win). Half the fun is in scrambling to put the code together so that you have something to write up in a few hundred words, without it looking like a dog’s breakfast in the repository.

Well, most of the projects in this sprint are either work-related, or on the down-low until they can be demonstrated…

…And wow, there are some ridiculously cool projects/events that have happened in the last few weeks…

…Like, participating in a big hackathon in San Diego, playing with the latest cutting edge company software (mind=blown! Keep your eyes open, stuff is a complete gamechanger)…

…Like, the ARNerve project might be integrated into a robotics platform for a real-world application (no more Brookstone rovers for bots)…

…AND I can’t post pics/code/write about them…

…Which is driving me a little crazy. Amazing how quickly you get used to something.

Luckily, there is one project that I can whittle a few words away on for this sprint: Little Orc Wars. We’re actually actively trying to get some feedback – so I can write like crazy about it 😛 (read as: expect way more posts in the coming weeks).

Update: Little Orc Wars

Little Orc Wars is just about at a releasable version.  Also, it has a a growing LOW Beta Tester Group that you can join if you want to try it before release.

Yup, it’s free for beta testers because you’re giving us mission-critical feedback, just ask to join the facebook group!

Here’s a quick overview of the game elements – it still contains a lot of ‘features’ but we’re polishing those out as we speak – more to follow in the next few weeks!

– Sam


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