A Little Bit of Entertainment: Project OBW

During a big renovation in our offices, the front entryway was left a little scarce – just a blue wall with a little company logo… A little lacking for one of the biggest tech companies in the world, right? So, of course, we thought, “Heck, what an opportunity to play with fun hardware and build a novel welcome desk?”

Enter Project Occupy Blue Wall 🙂

Nadeem and I burnt a few late hours putting this together – It’s just a proof-of-concept design at the moment, but we installed it today to get a bit of user feedback, and so far everyone seems to like it (even with the few minor bug fixes throughout the day).

More to follow if we take it further, but if not I’ll open up the source code for feedback. It’s a lot lighter than ARNerve – but the effect is interesting… I’m curious whether there are other neat applications for light Natural User Interfaces (NUIs) such as this.

Btw – serious props to Nadeem for working late hours on this! Good teamwork on a fun project.

– Sam


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