Introducing ZAsteroids: Full Game and Codebase

ZAsteroids, it’s 3D asteroids, but with a twist! Try keep your Ion-Cannon satellite in working order while fending off waves of asteroids. It’s also completely free. I’ve added crepuscular rays, satellite upgrades, and tributes Elite and to the guys at the MIT SPHEREs project. Dan did a wicked job with the modelling and all the graphics. This post contains the download as well as the full codebase on Github! Feel free to pull and contribute 🙂

Here’s a movie of of the game elements:

If there is free time I’ll try polish it, but I’m more focused on Little Orc Wars at the moment, and possibly seeing if I can wrap the Oculus Rift DK2 into the game. The space scene would be fantastic in stereo, and that trumps game polish. But if there’s anyone out there that would like to help polish+balance it, or put it up on Xbox/Steam/etc., I’d really appreciate the help!

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