SemiSorted Update: ARNerve and Little Orc Wars

Just a quick update on the SemiSorted projects! The general idea is to run these projects in 3 month development cycles, and the current cycle (Jan – March) is nearing the end, so here’s just a quick wrap-up and a list of things to come…

ARNerve 2.0

The ARNerve project was the focus in the previous cycle (Oct – Dec 2014), and the rig is sitting idly in my apartment while we refactor the codebase. The good news – we’re going to update the final codebase on GitHub, all the source for the drivers and the software for anyone who wants to play with it. But, we decided to move further work into a parallel project, which contains proprietary robotics code, and I can’t open it up at the moment. More to follow on ARNerve, exciting stuff I’ll be the first to say, but it will take a few months to get it integrated and working. For public consumption, I’m merging the snapshot of the existing (fully functional) ARNerve code into a public GitHub repo. This merging will finish in April and we’ll probably throw in some neat little side projects:

  • A completed XNA-based game called ZAsteroids, which uses the Oculus Rift DK-2. Aim at asteroids, *ZAP*, rinse *ZAP* and repeat *ZAP*… The feeling of sitting in space with those glasses on is uncanny, and definitely worth a try. I’ll put up binaries and the source code in case you want to play with it;
  • A Python library for AprilTags, which is effectively a SWIG-wrapper for the original AprilTags library. This was useful for testing the identification of the tags and can easily be used with OpenCV.

Little Orc Wars

Little Orc Wars is a Unity3D-based game that is a collaborative effort with Skirmisher Publishing, and we’ll be going into the polishing phase in the April-June cycle. The idea is to complete it for release at Comicpalooza 2015 in Houston, TX, but we’re actually speeding through it so quickly (…Unity 5.0 is amazing…) that we may put an Oculus or Kinect 2.0 spin on it just for demo purposes at the expo. It’s the first game I’ve worked on that I end up playing for hours, highly addictive (but I can’t take credit for the rules, total kudos to Skirmisher Publishing for the addictive game elements). I will definitely end up putting a few more posts on the gameplay as the work progresses… when I get bored of lobbing boulders at orcish defenses.


The CodeProject articles on VTK, ermagerd, have gone a bit stale… Sorry about that. Will take them over and finish them in the April-June cycle.

– Sam


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