Red Bull Pioneers Festival 2014

If you haven’t heard of the Red Bull Pioneers Festival, you’re probably not watching it right now. And if you’re not watching it, you’re truly missing out. Skip the archetypal Red Bull sub-orbital skydiving/para-boarding/shark diving with chum-flavoured ankle weights. No, this is a get-together for entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide, and it’s streaming live into your cubicle/office/living room right now.


Unless you’re somehow in a small entrepreneurial community that tracks these types of events, you probably haven’t heard about the Red Bull Pioneers Festival… I know I hadn’t.

For some inexplicable reason, I’m on the Red Bulletin mailing list, a magazine which has just won the coveted SemiSorted Best Magazine for Awesome Ideas 2014. While looking through one, I must have accidentally tripped over a reference to the upcoming Pioneers Festival. I signed up for notifications and promptly forgot about it with all the AR/VTK project work.

Yesterday I received an email reminding me that it had just started, and after looking at the festival agenda again, decided to dial into the live stream of the festival while working.

After 15 minutes, my curiosity now fully piqued with some snippets about embracing innovative ideas, decided to shuffle all my AR gear out of the way (notice the Oculus and Kinect all in a pile to the left), and push the video feed up on a wall to watch in the background – Best… Move… Ever.

photo 4

Boom – queue the discussions on everything emergent and entrepreneurial, from the Oculus Rift and competing technologies, new concepts for rapid idea prototyping, to IoT and IoE (Internet of Things/Everything)! I’m still buzzing from the topics – start-ups, frank questions about funding, left-field and quirky business concepts, and the small-business enthusiasm/zealotry (in a good way).

Best moment: Hilton Romanski quoting Jeff Immelt on the industrial internet and brilliant machines (a GE initiative)! That felt good, hearing the excitement.

But, this isn’t an autopsy of a good day. Rather it’s a call to arms – there’s one more day left – do yourself a favour, inspire the inner entrepreneur (active or hobbyist), and join in tomorrow at Pioneers Festival: LIVE-Stream.

– Sam


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