Red Bull Pioneers Festival 2014

If you haven’t heard of the Red Bull Pioneers Festival, you’re probably not watching it right now. And if you’re not watching it, you’re truly missing out. Skip the archetypal Red Bull sub-orbital skydiving/para-boarding/shark diving with chum-flavoured ankle weights. No, this is a get-together for entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide, and it’s streaming live into your cubicle/office/living room right now.

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RE: Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

RE: Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels.

A friend posted Adi’s article on her Facebook wall, and I thought it was awesome and completely agree! But… it only spoke for one gender. I’d like to try provide the other half of the story.

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Building VTK User Interfaces: Interlude – The WearBerry

This is a quick post to provide an image for future posts – the WearBerry ISO. In later posts, we will use a set of Raspberry Pi B+’s to integrate user feedback into the VTK environment. Specifically, Xbox controller input and video feeds will be streamed from a user via LCM into the 3D world. It was a bit of work to set up the image, and it might be useful for other projects, so I thought I’d make it available online. The download link and install steps are included below!

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Chicago, Illinois to Cusco, Peru by Bicycle?

For the last two years I’ve been using a bicycle as a primary form of transport… By primary, I mean that I either cycle, walk, or catch a taxi. (As a bynote: I’m not an eccentric tree-hugger, I could buy a car if I needed to, but there is a long story behind the bicycle. At some point I’ll post the rambling, yawn-inducing article on it.) However, since adopting a bicycle to get around, I’ve been suffering from a recurring, nagging question – given that I only have a bicycle, how far could I possibly go on it?

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A New Arrival (it’s a boy… Kinect 2!)

Guess what appeared on my desk yesterday? A production Kinect 2 for Windows!

We were included in the Microsoft developers program for Kinect and received the beta version earlier in the year and… to be completely honest… the test Kinect 2 is still in its box, in another box, in storage (which is totally unforgivable :/) I did, however, attend a lot of the web sessions, and in summary, found out that the Kinect 2 is leaps and bounds better than the old Kinect 1.

To make up for my massive negligence of the beta Kinect 2, we’re planning on including them into the test rig for body tracking during the November working session. 2x Kinect 2’s, which, if I do the math, is 4x the awesomeness! Body-tracking a nightmare? Pfffft, say hello to my little friend….


…Expect a post on how to publish the body frames to LCM in the near future, I just need to find a Windows box to plug this thing into.

– Sam