With the advent of cloud, and the race to create new business models, I’d like join in the fray and coin a new term – XaaS! XaaS stands for (Xtremely everything) as a Service! It’s a cloud business model that incorporates PaaS, SaaS, HaaS, TaaS, FaaS, GaaS, SnaaS, MCAaaS etc.

XaaS regresses back to the basis of all these terms – host everything in the cloud – which makes sense because it’s cheaper, centralized, and more maintainable… and then sell it as a service.

Mind = blown!

It’s not that I’m cynical (please, read this with tongue applied firmly to cheek). There seems to be a wave of new and interesting business models after everything became ‘cloudy’, which is really great. It’s just that… could we get a bit more imaginative with the naming?


MCAaaS stands for Make Cool Acronyms… wait for it… as a Service (which is a product I’m thinking about setting up as a free webservice)


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